Stübben Antrim Snaffle Bridle


The snaffle bridle comes both with a combined and a French noseband.

This is based on a sophisticated idea with the point of the noseband where the loop for the flash strap is usually attached, a sturdy band has been sewn in between the padding and the noseband.

You can ride with a combined noseband, the loop for the flash strap can be placed over this band or you may prefer to use the French noseband, just pull out the loop.

This is easy, fast and very effective.

Model Antrim is equipped with anthracite-coloured buckles and raised browband and noseband, including padding. The headstall of the noseband is embedded into the headpiece of the snaffle headstall which is highly comfortable for the horse.

By attaching a second snaffle headstall, this bridle can easily be used as a double bridle.

*Does not include reins

Size :
Colour :
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