Diamond V 'XPC' Yeast

A feed supplement that should be added to a horse's regular feed, brewers yeast provides horses with B-complex vitamins and amino acids that are often lacking in their diet. Brewers yeast also improves digestion of fiber to benefit a horse's health at all stages of life.

Adding brewers yeast to your horse's feed may encourage your horse to maintain consistent feed intakes by making it more palatable. Making sure your horse consumes sufficient, high-quality feed supplemented with brewers yeast also ensures your horse receives recommended amounts of vitamin B1 (thiamine), a nutrient essential for nervous system health. Some horse owners use brewers yeast to help calm horses with over-excitable temperaments, while others depend on brewers yeast to add protein, zinc, phosphorous and iron to equine diets.

Brewers yeast is also an excellent natural food alternative to laboratory-made B vitamins found in synthetic supplements. With complex digestive systems that are sensitive to low-quality feed, horses respond favorably to brewers yeast as a daily supplement. In addition, brewers yeast may help horses suffering from sweet itch and horses that are lactating or pregnant.

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