Packers Scale


Properly balanced loads can mean the difference between enjoying the trip or continually having to stop to adjust your packs.

This scale accurately weighs from 20-100 pounds, measured in 1 pound increments. The best feature is the "tattle tale" weight indicator, which stays at the maximum weight until you reset it. This allows you to lift, set down the load, and then read the weight.

The scale utilizes stainless steel for the precision-wound mainspring and hook assembly to maintain the scale's accuracy over the life of the product. The body of the scale is lightweight, seamless aluminum tubing with a durable anodized finish. The scale has a secure-grip aluminum T-handle and a folding cable hanger.

The scale weighs just 9 oz. and is 14½” long.
Every scale is hand calibrated at the factory to ensure accuracy.

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